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Parenting is hard, can we all agree on that? Especially, parenting a free spirit who is stubborn and has a flare for the drama. My James is going to be 4 soon and I’ve been reflecting on my parenting choices. Before James, all I ever did with my life was work with children. I thought I knew everything. Turns out I didn’t. Really I was just good at judging other parents. So many seemed to take the easy way out. I mean who co-sleeps, nurses past 2 or bribes their kids? Turns out, I do. Someday I’ll do anything just to sleep or get my kids to be quiet for a few minutes even if it means rotting their brains with TV. In truth I’m actually a lazy parent. I hate schedules, I co-sleep so I don’t have to get out of bed and breastfeed because it’s easy for me. No midnight bottles or more dishes- no need to pack snacks. James breastfed until 28 months and probably would have last longer had my milk not dried up. And, I’m okay with all of this. My real point is my mom guilt use to be off the charts and I’d compare my self to other moms who seemed to have their shit together ALL. THE. TIME. Today I don’t think any parent does. We all are just trying to survive and do our best. My best might look different for yours and that’s okay. Showing up and being there for you kid IS enough.James has taught me about unconditional love. He is full of compassion and kindness. In turn I am reminded to be kind to the mom or dad sitting next to me. I don’t know what their struggle is today but I know my judgment won’t help it.



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