What I learned from my kids today…

I am humbled by my children daily. Yesterday was a long but good day as many are around here and I had one of my not so great parenting moments. James the elder barbarian, pulled his blue blanket out from underneath Jack causing him to smack his head on the ground. I think it was an accident and he was sorry but I was tired. It was late. I yelled, LOUD. Told him to sit on the stairs and think. He was crying saying he was sorry. I didn’t listen. Again, I yelled. He shouted that he need me and needed a hug. I ignored and told him to sit. After I calmed down. I said to James, “I’m sorry I didn’t give you a hug when you were sad, it was wrong of me to ignore your feelings.”This is the gut punch. James goes “Mom, I just needed your love and you didn’t give it to me.” This parenting thing is tough. James reminded me that I’ve got to remember his feelings need validation just as much as mine do. He’s just a little in a big world and it’s my job to give him unconditional love to help him feel secure. I am going to try and do better today for these guys.


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