How to get GREAT photos of your toddler!

sHow to get great pictures of your toddlers?

That’s a wonderful question. Toddlers are fast and sneaky which makes it hard to get a good picture or even get one in focus. Toddler pictures can be tough even for the average professional- but fear no more I am here to give you the best tips for wrangling toddlers for family pictures or simple milestone sessions. Honestly, these tips will work for any type of photoshoot.

1. GO OUTSIDE: Here’s the deal. Toddlers like to move & groove and have the attention spans of gnats. Being outdoors allows them to more freely and explore a little. Cause, let’s be real they also hate being contained. Be aware you may not end up getting the posed photos of the toddler screaming in your lap in a studio but you will get the natural candid ones of a playful smiling toddler. They will be enough. Trust me. Don’t get me wrong studio photos are great but if you have a mover and a shaker outdoors is the way to go!

In my reality, you will be able to get them both outside! Toddler photography is kinda like a sport- you’ve got to practice to get good and fortunately I’ve been working with toddler for decades.

2. KEEP IT SHORT: I’ll repeat myself, toddlers have the attention spans of gnats. For real, toddlers don’t last long- nor should they. If you’re looking for the best toddler photographs, keep it short and sweet. (a quick mini session in the studio could also work, but with toddlers, I’ll always choose to be outside to get the natural smiles and best pictures!)

3. HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Toddlers won’t last long (sorry for the repetition but it’s the truth) I worked in childcare for over a decade- so trust me when I say it’s not just YOUR toddler it’s ALL toddlers. It’s important to come into the photography session with your toddler to have a fun time.- If you do I promise you will get photos you enjoy!

4. BOOK ME: I’m going to go out a limb and promise you I can get your little to enjoy photos and create beautiful photos you will love forever.



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