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by | Aug 2, 2021 | Locations


When I venture out to the suburbs- Plymouth is one of my favorite places to go. It simply has some beautiful places to capture some great moments between families, couples and kids. Here are just a few of my favorites!


This location is the “must-see” place if you’re a nature-lover. There is no shortage of activities to do here. We are guaranteed to get great photos at this location because of the variety in the landscape and we can absolutely highlight what you love to do as a couple and as a family at this location. If you’re feeling a bit stuck trying to think of family pictures ideas, this location is sure to spark ideas.


Millennium Garden is a gorgeous location popular for weddings and graduations. I personally love the architecture and simplicity of the garden. If you’re a family with young children we can definitely find a spot to capture some candid moments. Your children will enjoy running around in the open spaces paved by brick. This is an especially beautiful location in late Spring and early Summer when everything is in bloom.


If you love the water and you want some pictures of your family being active near the beach this is a lovely place to get your family pictures taken. There are canoes to rent and walking paths and the best part is that it’s usually not too crowded so we can find a setting for your family portraits without too many interruptions. The grounds are well-maintained which means that we will have lots of backgrounds to choose from!


Plymouth is known for this center which boasts beautiful architecture. I love the design of the Hilde Performance Center and the fact that it is nestled into a setting with the Millennium Garden, an ice-skating rink, and playing fields. Concerts in the summer here are a must!

The other thing I love about Plymouth is that there are so many beautiful locations and most of the time these locations are not too crowded! Plymouth is just a short drive from Minneapolis and we can absolutely find a beautiful location in Plymouth to capture great photos and leave you with memories that will light you up.


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