1 on 1 mentoring for photographers


Let’s Learn Cool Things Together!

I really wish I had done mentoring with someone who knew what they were doing. In the past 3.5 years I’ve gone through 4 different websites, spent thousands on SEO experts that did nothing for my organic search reach. Through failure I’ve found success. I’ve also continually grown by business while working part-time, spending half the day with my kids, and founding a non-profit Speak Up Book Club Inc.

I’m not an expert in light room or photoshop – so if your looking for guidance on those I can’t help you. What I do know how to do is start and make a business successful. I worked 9 months this year part-time and had my best year ever.

Gross Revenue

2021: 141,000 | 2020: 85,000 | 2019: 61,250 | 2018: 32,470 | 2017: 6,100

Mentoring can include the following areas:

  • workflow from camera to computer to Lightroom
  • Follow me on my sessions
  • creating a basic square space site from start to finish
  • setting up the following areas of google: business/site crawl/site map/console/analytics/ad words
  • Cost of doing business
  • expense tracking
  • forming a LLC
  • IPS versus Shoot and Burn: What’s best for you
  • finding your target market
  • talking with customers/ sales/ building that relationship/ finding a common bond (this is my jam- I believe this is the main way that I retain clients. They like me!)
  • how to work with kids versus cooperate headshots
  • how to brand yourself (this is import} / rebranding
  • engaging content/blogging/social media – what you need to spend your time on
  • CRM/ Contracts/ Questionnaires/Invoicing
  • Client proofing galleries/up selling/digital pricing
  • automatic booking