Three Reasons to get Headshot Photos that aren’t Owning a Business

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Brand Photography, Business, Sessions

When you think “headshots” my guess would be the NEXT thing you think is “business owner”. And that’s fair! Headshots feel like they’re a part of branding photography a lot of the time, and those types of sessions usually ARE for business owners. It makes sense to connect them. The OTHER thing that makes a lot of sense, is if the image that comes to mind is that classic grey background, and people in blazers and ties. You know the one I mean, right? That grey or navy that was definitely the background for your school yearbook photos as a kid? Yeah. THAT one.

The one you see in that one guy’s totally generic Linkedin profile. (No shame if that’s you, but… let’s have more FUN with your next headshot session!) The thing about headshots, is since we associate them so strongly with owning a business or being an entrepreneur, we don’t always think about the OTHER things headshots are amazing for!

And there are TONS of things they can be used for, and we’re going to talk about them! We’ll start with the obvious… and then get into more fun stuff!

Professionally dressed man looking at the camera meaningfully while seated on concrete steps

Linkedin & Socials

The first use for professional headshots is obvious (like I said!). Having a professional headshot session is a GREAT way to help your Linkedin profile stand out to new employers. I don’t have to tell you how important it is to make sure your profile image on there is the right one, that communicates the right tone if you’re on the hunt for a new position.

And I ALSO don’t have to tell you how in a massively saturated job market, anything that helps you stand out (in a positive way!) is a good thing. That includes your headshot!!

But we don’t have to go in the “grey background” direction, like I mentioned. We can get creative with your headshot session, and make sure that we capture your personality, while keeping things professional (if that’s the vibe, that is!).

Because headshots don’t have to be stuffy, you might even find yourself wanting to update your OTHER social media accounts too! Linkedin isn’t the only channel where professional headshots can help you shine.

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Actors & Creatives

Another (kind of) obvious use for headshots that isn’t owning a business, is for actors and creatives. Now, it’s important to note that actors tend to need a different TYPE of headshot session, that features their expressions, and highlights their range.

But creatives of all sorts can benefit from having a headshot session done! Whether it’s to make sure your identity on social profiles is clear, or just to update your presence from using selfies… having images done by a professional elevates things. Even if you’re someone who thinks of themself as a creative and NOT a business owner. (I mean I get it, I see myself as both, but I know people who don’t like to think of themselves as business owners at all!)

If you’re in the creative category, you might want to tack headshots onto a larger branding photography session that focuses on the cool things you create. That way, you’ll end up with social media content, headshots, and images for your website or marketplaces all in one go! So many birds with one stone.

The same goes for influencers here, too! It might feel like you can get by with selfies and iphone shots, but as your accounts grow and you start getting brand contracts etc… you’re going to need more. The reverse is also true – striking a balance between professionalism and authenticity with a combination of selfie-style images AND professional headshots can help you stand out to brands and get more of those contracts you’re already looking for!

Jessica Strobel eating doughnuts for her brand photoshoot

Dating Apps

I’ve saved the best for last here – because dating apps? They’re definitely the most fun way to use professional headshots!

Look, I’m a married woman, and I don’t hang out on Tinder. But from what I’ve heard… it’s rough out there. You get about 1.5 milliseconds to make an impression, before you get swiped left. Or whichever direction is the “skip” one, I can’t keep up with that stuff.

But the reality is, just like business owners have a span of milliseconds to make an impression on their website’s homepage, you have a span of milliseconds to make an impression on Tinder, or Bumble, or Hinge. And there is a HUGE difference between the impression you can make with a selfie and a couple of photos your friend took on your last adventure… and the impression you can make with professionally captured headshots.

We can create a session intended to highlight your personality (just like we would if we were creating an authentic session for a business owner) that way you can SHINE on your profiles. And then hopefully, find the other half you’ve been looking for.

Headshots have TONS of uses!

I know headshots really feel like a business-y photo session type, but they truly come in handy. Whether it’s to help your dating profile stand out, or to add onto your resume (I don’t know when that became a thing, but it’s definitely a very real addition people are making now) – professional headshots versus selfies will take things to the next level. No matter WHERE you’re using them!

If you’re wondering whether headshot photography is something you should be scheduling this year, or whether it’ll work for a specific purpose… reach out! We should talk. If having a headshot session would be a good match, we can create a vision that captures your personality, and stays away from the “suit and tie” vibes. Unless you NEED the “suit and tie” vibes, because we can make those happen too!!

Jessica Strobel eating doughnuts for her brand photoshoot
Jessica Strobel holding multi-colored doughnuts over her eyes, smiling wide

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