Cap & Gown Senior Pictures | Should You Bring Them With You?

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Picture it. It’s your ten year reunion post graduation. There’s a slideshow playing in the hall it’s hosted in, and you’re catching up with old friends. Someone is telling you about how successful their kids are, and you glance up at the slideshow. It’s you! You’re the one on the screen, smiling, wearing your cap and gown. It’s a nice moment, but you know it was taken right after graduation, and your hair had gotten flat while you waited for everyone to walk across the stage, and honestly looking back you’re not as reminded of what an accomplishment graduation was, because… well, the hair is kind of distracting.

We are our own worst critics, after all.

I’ll admit that’s not like, the best case scenario, right? That the only pictures you have of yourself in your cap and gown happened on graduation day? But if that isn’t enough in and of itself to convince you that bringing your cap and gown to your senior picture session is a good idea… I’ve got more!!

Senior pictures are about your achievements!

First and foremost, we have to talk about what senior pictures ARE. And that’s a celebration of your achievements! Mostly, graduating. You know, since they’re SENIOR pictures. Now, I know that senior picture sessions are evolving, because it’s 2024 and we can’t pretend to take 2010-style senior pictures anymore. The sessions themselves are leaning more toward lifestyle photography, and that’s okay! Gone are the days of studio-style portraits with your saxophone and that one classic cloudy charcoal colored background – you know the one I’m talking about, right?

And to be clear, I’m not talking about not bringing your saxophone. I’m talking about HOW we work those kinds of props into the session itself! Props including (you guessed it!!) your cap and gown. Because really that graduation moment is what we’re celebrating, and everything you did along the way.

brothers in matching navy polo shirts during Minneapolis Fall Mini Sessions

(P.S. Senior Pictures aren’t JUST for high school!! A Graduation Session is a great way to celebrate college graduation as well!)

They’re CLASSIC additions to a senior picture session.

It might feel like I’m a broken record here a little bit, but I’ve GOT to mention that your cap and gown are a classic addition to senior picture sessions. Even though, like I said, senior pictures are evolving, there’s always going to be a place for caps and gowns in that evolution. No matter how drastically graduation photos change!!

You can wear your second outfit underneath, and it helps with wardrobe changes!

You know what else caps and gowns help with? Variety!! It might be that you opt for a senior picture session that’s on the shorter side, or doesn’t include wardrobe changes. Some photographers, like we’ve talked about before, only include one change or don’t include any changes at all in their senior picture sessions! So bringing a cap and gown is kind of a cheat code. It means you end up with pictures that bring in some variety, without actually having a full-blown wardrobe change in the middle of your session!

Plus, your cap and gown are a great addition to things like graduation announcements, if you plan on sending those out to friends and family. And even if you’re not printing and sending PHYSICAL grad announcements, your cap and gown help with digital ones too. Posting on Instagram about graduating feels more REAL if you’ve included some of the props that, well… are pretty much only related to graduating. The other lifestyle images in your senior picture package might feel like they’re just “any” photoshoot. But with a cap and gown involved, everyone knows what you’re celebrating, in the BEST way!

A mom hugging her two daughters during a Minneapolis Fall Mini Session

Want to have your senior pictures done with a photographer who gets it?

I know you’re looking for a senior picture session that’s REAL. One that focuses on YOU, and the cool things you’ve done. And your session? It’s going to be aaallllllll about who you really are! So if that sounds like your kind of vibe, we should chat. If you’re not into the idea of sending an email, feel free to message me over on Instagram! We can talk about what you’re looking for in a session, including whether or not you should bring your cap and gown.

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