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by | Dec 12, 2023 | Family Photography, Kiddos, Locations, Sessions

We all walk around with cameras in our pockets now, it’s 2023, and we’ve all got to deal with that. And however much you do (or don’t) have an addiction to the headache rectangle (I’m trying to make that catch on, is it working??) – we all have one.

We can talk another time about why iphone photography isn’t as cool as having a session with a photographer, but that’s not the point today. Today, we’re going to talk about EXPERIENCE.

Because we’re living lives. Especially during the holiday season, where (no matter what you celebrate!) we’re surrounded by the people we love, doing things together. And it’s SO TEMPTING to document every moment. Right?

When your kiddo does that ADORABLE thing, it’s hard not to document it!

As a mom (and a photographer) I’m always taking pictures of my kids – it’s kind of what you do, right? I mean I get it, when there’s a break from the chaos, it’s nice to be able to remember that moment. To go back to it and think to yourself “man, that was great”.

Which is a huge part of why I do what I do – I like to help people have those moments. The ones that they look back on and say “wow, that was amazing, and look at the amazing people I love” or “wow, I did a thing worth celebrating”.

But there’s another reason I do what I do, and it’s not quite as obvious as capturing connection, or documenting your lives. It’s not because of creating family heirlooms, or helping you to create the perfect gift for a loved one.

A toddler boy in a grey shirt and jeans plays with his father's face while holding a newborn baby minneapolis midwives

You know that feeling? The one where if you miss the picture you’ve missed the moment?

We’ve all done it. Tried to get the perfect photo on a birthday. Or watched our kid blow out their birthday candles… through the screen of our phone, pointed at them, recording. And what happens?

In trying to capture the moment so that you can look back on it, you never actually EXPERIENCED that moment in the first place. So when you look back at it? You can – you can see the video that you captured. But IN that moment – actually IN it – you weren’t smiling at your son or daughter or brother or aunt. You were tucked behind the headache rectangle, trying not to lose that time.

You see where I’m going here, right? By trying to document the moment so you have it forever you kinda end up not having it in the first place?

It’s not a fun reality, I’ll give you that. But… it’s what happens.

family of four smiling at the camera in a minneapolis public park at golden hour

This Christmas morning? 

LIVE those moments.

I’m not saying you can’t take a few pictures here and there, there’s nothing wrong with pulling out your phone and snapping a few pics to remember the vibes. But the REAL magical moments? Live them. Experience them.

But if you want holiday photos, believe it or not, there’s still time to make that happen!! Just reach out, and we can set up a session for you ahead of the holidays.

family of four smiling at the camera in a minneapolis public park at golden hour
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