Top Family friendly breweries in the Twin Cities

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When it comes to spending a day out with family and friends in the Twin Cities, exploring family-friendly breweries is an excellent choice. As a parent searching for a place that combines good food with family-friendly activities, I set out on a mission to discover the best kid-friendly breweries in the Twin Cities. I wanted to share what I uncovered! Here are my favorite breweries in the region that welcome visitors of all ages:


Bad Weather Brewing Company:

This cozy brewery is perfect for families seeking a more intimate setting. With a friendly staff and a variety of brews to choose from, Bad Weather Brewing Company provides a welcoming environment for visitors of all ages.These five family-friendly breweries in the Twin Cities are sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone in your group. Cheers to good times and great brews!


Surly Brewing Co:

Known for its wide selection of craft beers and spacious beer hall, Surly Brewing Co. offers a welcoming atmosphere for families with kids. They often have food trucks on-site and outdoor seating for everyone to enjoy. Surly also has rad bands that play there through out the summer and they donate to great causes. Overall I feel good about giving my money to surely. They also have some pretty low key CBD and THC beverages now if you aren’t an alcohol drinker.


Bauhaus Brew Labs:

With its funky industrial vibe and colorful outdoor patio, Bauhaus Brew Labs is a hit among families looking for a unique brewery experience. They regularly host events and food trucks, making it a fun destination for all. aesthetically this is my FAVORITE one. It’s Photographer who loves bright and bold dream!

 Lake Monster Brewing:

Lake Monster Brewing is near the beautiful Lake Monster, this brewery provides a relaxed setting for families. With a variety of beers on tap and a play area for children, Lake Monster Brewing is a great spot for a laid-back afternoon. My kids love the pizza there. THIS PLACE even had Santa come visit! I mean- can they make it any easier?


Indeed Brewing Company:

Offering a warm and inviting taproom, Indeed Brewing Company is a popular choice for families. They have a diverse beer selection and often have board games and activities for kids to enjoy. I don’t know about your family but my family LOVES a good board game.


Day Block Brewing Company:

Day Block Brewing Company invites all kinds of families to their brewpub. To demonstrate their inclusivity, they offer kid-friendly beverages like homemade craft sodas and lemonade. Additionally, on sunny days, they extend a warm welcome for you to bring your family dog to their patio as you savor specialty pizzas and their own brewed beer.

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The Freehouse

The Freehouse is part of the Blue Plate Restaurant Company, renowned for its family-friendly dining establishments. This place warmly welcomes children, offering a delightful kids’ menu, entertaining activity books, and the beloved Cheez-It snack to enjoy while waiting. Moreover, their outdoor patio is pet-friendly, inviting well-behaved four-legged family members to be part of the dining experience

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Lakes & Legends Brewing Co:

Inbound Brew Co. meets the needs of families by offering baby changing stations in their restrooms. Moreover, they have secured a special license from The City of Minneapolis, permitting well-behaved, leashed dogs in their taproom. I remember when my kids were young and going out to dinner and having to deal with changing my kids WITHOUT a changing table. Well this place has got you covered- and you can even bring your 4 legged friends during the winter if they are well behaved!

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