2023 Christmas Gift Inspiration | Photo Edition!

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Every family has those people who are just a NIGHTMARE to figure out gifts for. They’ve somehow got everything, and anything they DO want is either wildly out of budget, not a reasonable gift, or they haven’t bought it for themself yet because they don’t actually want it that much.

And let’s be honest here, you can only get your mom another cookbook so many Christmas’s in a row (plus Pinterest exists, and she knows it). Same for the golf lessons you’re planning on getting dad AGAIN. I see you, and I understand your struggle. And you end up scrolling and scrolling looking for Christmas gift inspiration. 

But this year, I wanna tell you about a WAY better option!!


Whether they’re photos I’ve taken of your family here in the studio, or you’ve taken some yourself that you want to use, images of you and your family make amazing gifts for family.

Bonus points if they’re from an extended family session that INCLUDES the family members you’re gifting to!!

So the first photo-gift to remember this Christmas?

1. Gifting a Session

People don’t think about this option often enough!!

It’s super simple to book a session ahead (yes, even an extended family session!) and give that as a gift to your family this Christmas (also a great one for Birthdays, but that’s not what we’re talking about today).

And if you book it with me, I’ll even provide an adorable gift voucher for you to present as the gift itself, so that even though you won’t have the images yet, you’ll have a representative of the gift!!

But… what about those who already have images? You had the session, so that’s not gonna work – but fear not!! There are even MORE options for photo-gifts once you’ve already had a session, whether it included your extended family or not!

A toddler boy in a grey shirt and jeans plays with his father's face while holding a newborn baby minneapolis midwives

2. Remember your Christmas Cards!

You’re not allowed to think this is a cop-out, because honestly Christmas cards need to make a HARDCORE come back. Even though we don’t really consider the card itself a gift… it IS!! It’s a reminder that you care, and it’s a sweet way to share the holiday spirit (no matter what you celebrate!) with the people you love.

And I don’t know about you, but when I get holiday cards from people I care about, you best BET I put them up where they’re enjoyed throughout the holidays!! So they’re a gift that keeps giving, because they’re not just enjoyed on Christmas morning (and I mean, afterward too, but I just mean they can contribute to holiday decor.) Many birds, one stone. You get what I’m saying, right?

As a bonus, you can order your cards directly through your gallery if you want to, OR, you can make your own holiday cards for free (minus printing, of course!) with Canva! 

3. Christmas Ornaments

Are you an ornament family? Like, what’s on your tree? My web designer recently mentioned that her family was an “Ornament Family,” like, when she traveled with family, or to commemorate special moments in their lives, they’d get an ornament. She’s absolutely convinced there are “postcard families” and “fridge magnet families” and then there’s “ornament families”. I personally feel like fridge magnets get more use throughout the year, but… that doesn’t help me make my point here so we’re going to go with her logic!! (Haha)

Using your photos to print custom ornaments to put on your tree means that when you decorate next year, you’ll remember all the magical moments you had in the studio (or not in the studio!) for your session, and be reminded of the magic of your favorite people in general.

And out of holiday season? Pro-tip – photo ornaments make GREAT rear-view-mirror hangers in your car!! I’ve seen some really creative uses for them. Maybe enough that it warrants a future post just about how to use them when it’s not the holidays!

Like the other items in this list, ornaments are available to order through your gallery when you work with Jessica Strobel Photography, so the ordering process is super simple! But if you’re not vibing with the options in the gallery ordering specifically, you can also find really cool options on Etsy. If you want to receive them before the holidays, now is the time to start ordering!!

4. Wall Prints

When it comes to wall prints, you’ve got OPTIONS, man!! Through your gallery online, you can order everything from matted framed prints, to canvases – there’s even an option for metal prints! And of course you don’t HAVE to order through your gallery, but it does make things extra simple and you’ll know that the colors on the print will be true to the edits made by yours truly.

Gifting a wall print to your family is the ultimate way to help surround them by images of the people they love. Every time they see it, they’ll get to relive the magical moments leading up to it. They’re particularly great for grandparents – and even better for long distance family, who you don’t get together with as often. It’s so touching to be able to add love to someone’s household, and wall prints definitely fit the bill.

What if I don’t know what size they want?

Choosing a wall print for someone else can feel like a gamble, but there’s options for that too!! Writing a card that includes a hand-made coupon (or one you’ve had printed!) giving your family member a “credit” for ordering a print in the format they want on your dime can be a great way to solve that problem! Then you can sit down together and go through the ordering process, making sure that it will fit the wall they want to put it on, matches their decor, etc.

It’s the perfect solution so that everyone gets what they want, and it comes with built-in family time. Win, win, WIN.

Need More Ideas?

Obviously these five are great starting points, but there are TONS more ways to use your images this holiday season! Just a few additional ones are listed in my post about using your images for the holidays, and if you need MORE ideas, feel free to reach out! We can talk about it, and get you fully outfitted for gifting.


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