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by | Dec 5, 2023 | Brand Photography, Business, Photography Mentoring

Are Your Branding & Headshot Photos Ready for 2024?

2024 is coming up FAST, and you know what that means! Preparing your business for a new year. And in an ever-changing online world, it ALSO means keeping up with the trends.

So, what do you need to do to get your business ready for 2024? One big task that you should DEFINITELY be thinking about, is handling your branding and headshot images to use in your social content.

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The 2024 Business Trend YOU Should be Thinking About: Authenticity

I’m all about keeping things simple, and while there are a ton of things to balance when it comes to the branding & headshot images for your business, there’s a single theme for 2024 that you should be thinking about.


Overwhelmingly that’s what people are looking for when they’re buying, and engaging with businesses. It’s the trend of all trends – people want REAL right now. They’re tired of the over-curated content of the last few years, and are paying attention to YOU. Who you REALLY are.

And that’s a GREAT thing!!

But it also means making sure your content is showing them what they need to see. And what they need to see right now? It’s YOU.

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Do your headshot & branding pictures show who you ARE?

So, before 2024 hits us like a freight train (does anyone else think December disappears in like, a BLINK??) it’s time to think about what your branding & headshot images show your people. Pull up the content you’ve got to work with for your social presence and website in 2024, and ask yourself a few questions:

Do these show them my VALUES?

The values that underlie your business are something you should have pretty clear (and if you don’t, it’s time to think about them!!) but are they clear to your people too? If you value connection… are your images personal? Or are they super-professional, the way you’re “sUpPoSeD” to look as a business owner? If you value being environmentally friendly, or spending time in nature, or even promote that your clients spend time in nature – where are your photos set? Are you outside? Or are they indoor studio-style portraits?

Obviously there are a million different values we could look at and evaluate here, but I want you to think about YOURS. And if the answer is that your images don’t line up with sharing those details with your customers… it might be time for a new package of brand photos!!

Do these show them my PERSONALITY?

It’s so easy as business owners to try to fall into the “expected” profile of a professional. I mean, Linkedin exists, and being “professional” seems like such an important thing especially early in business. But like… my brand photos? I’m eating doughnuts. Because I LOVE doughnuts.

I’m not saying everyone should have branding photos taken where they’re wearing rollerskates and smashing a plate of pastries, but like – they DO need to show your personality! Authenticity as a theme for 2024 means letting people IN. And straight-laced professional vibes? We all know that’s a curated, smoothed-over version of who you are as a person. So ask yourself – do your images show your personality? And if not… that’s another sign it may be time to set up a branding session for your business.

Jessica Strobel eating doughnuts for her brand photoshoot

Are they… too perfect?

Okay so this question might feel like it’s coming out of left field, but follow me here.

Ya know how I said curation is OUT because authenticity is IN? Well that includes too-perfect images. Too-perfect moments.

And I don’t mean too-perfect like “I love what I look like in this photo because I’m making the best possible face and I look like I’m in my natural habitat” I mean too perfect like “I’m perfectly posed against a perfect backdrop that’s been perfectly edited and is VERY clearly posed”. What I mean is, do you have CANDID images? Do you have the REAL smiles? The REAL laughs? TRUE connection and emotion?

These are the kinds of markers that consumers are looking for, even though they might not actively KNOW that’s what they’re looking for. This kind of thing is mostly subconscious, and I could totally nerd out and talk about why, but that’s not the point today. The point is to ask yourself the question: “Are my images showing REAL life?”

And if they’re not… (say it with me now) it might be time to get an image set made for 2024 and beyond.

Is it time for branding & headshot photos that’ll take your business into 2024?

If you’ve looked through your photos and you’re like “YES, I show up totally authentically in there!” then yay!! You’re ready for promoting your business in 2024.

But if not… it might be time for us to chat. I’m here to help Minneapolis businesses get ready for the next year in business, and prepare content images that’ll show your people who you ARE. So if that sounds like something you need, let’s talk about creating a session for you and your staff!!

Jessica Strobel eating doughnuts for her brand photoshoot
Jessica Strobel holding multi-colored doughnuts over her eyes, smiling wide

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