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Social Media Templates Help You Move The Needle

If you know me, you know I’m all about simplicity. Keeping things easy. It’s important to me, because if something has too many steps, honestly I’m not going to be the best person for the job. As a human with ADHD, I like to move fast. And having too many steps involved in things just slows me down! So one of the ways I move the needle in MY business, while cutting out a TON of unnecessary steps, is with social media templates.

There’s about a million different reasons to use them, but I get why you might be hesitant. I mean, sometimes templates can feel kind of like cheating. Like the easy way out. But really they’re just one of the variety of ways you can work smarter instead of harder in your business, and I want to walk you through some of the reasons why!

They Create Consistency in Your Social Profiles

It’s easy to think that social media templates will make your social profiles look “blah”. Boring. Tired. Especially if you’re worried about your profile looking “samey” or like everyone else using the same old templates from Canva (because if you’re not using Canva for your social media, what are you doing??). But that’s not what templates will do for you!

Templates aren’t boring, they’re CONSISTENT. And I’m not actually talking about using templates available in Canva for free (or in the paid version!) because honestly, although those are great for a one off post here and there, they’re not the best way to set your social media profiles up for success. What YOU need, is a set of templates designed for your industry, that ALL match. Whether you buy a pack of them from a designer, or you work with a designer to have them custom created for your brand specifically, the point is that they create a baseline visual identity for your platforms. And that’s SO important! Consistency makes your brand recognizable. And a recognizable brand, is one people remember! (You know what comes after that, right? Clients!)

Example of social media post batching in Canva for staying consistent online

They Give You More Time

Templates don’t just create consistency though, they also get you back more of your time. Think about it. How much time do you spend creating social content for your Instagram? Your Facebook page? Creating flyers to promote events? What about minis, if you’re a photographer? The little graphics you put in your emails?

All of that time… it needs to be cut in half. And then cut in half again. And that, my friends, is what templates will do for you! You don’t have to start from scratch every time you create a post. You don’t have to search endlessly through the Canva library to find a template that works for you. All you’ve got to do to make a post is grab one of the templates already in your personal library, pop your content in, and schedule the post. That’s it. That should be your WHOLE process. And it can be! Social media templates make it possible.

client guide pages designed by Jessica Strobel Photography

They Can Inspire Your Content!

It’s not just about the time and the consistency though, social media templates can also inspire your content! “How, Jessie? That doesn’t even make sense!” you might be thinking. But I promise, it’s very, very real! Template packs come with post formats that are proven to perform on social media platforms. Like quotes from clients, or carousels with tips, or lists of steps your clients can use to do a thing. (Which will obviously be different depending on your industry).

If you’re running short on ideas for posts, sometimes, looking at the formats for your social media templates can get the juices going! Having fields to fill in as inspiration can go a LONG way when all of your other methods for getting content inspiration have failed. The ways social media templates help your process are VAST, and you shouldn’t underestimate the power of templates! Plus, some template sets come with inspiration for how you should structure your grid to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible… and that’s not just a thing that cuts down on time (even though it definitely DOES!) it also helps with that inspiration bit. Because if you know the order your posts are going to be made in… you can come up with an order for your topics that makes sense too!

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Social Media Templates Bring Down Your Costs

And if all of those reasons aren’t enough, social media templates also bring down your costs. How? Multiple ways. The first, is you can avoid hiring a designer. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that you shouldn’t hire a designer to make custom templates for your business. But even if you do that instead of purchasing on Etsy or Creative Market (or from my new shop!), it’s still going to be less expensive than hiring someone part time to design your social content on a weekly basis.

Not to mention… as a business owner, time is money. How much MORE could you be making if you were spending less time on social media? When I say social media templates move the needle… these are the kinds of things I’m thinking about.

Thinking Social Media Templates Would Help Your Business?

If it’s time for some social media templates to make their way into your business process, check out my shop! Obviously you can work with a designer, or you can go make a search on Etsy or Pinterest, but if you’re a business owner with a bright, vibrant brand… I might have what you need already! My templates are designed for photographers, but could definitely be repurposed into other creative niches. And they’re bright, vibrant, fun – and the packs are paired with other resources like client guides, pricing guides, and more! So if you like the branding of a pack… know that if there aren’t already resources available, they’re coming!

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