How Canva can Help Small Business Owners Stay Consistent Online

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Sometimes being a business owner feels like rocket science. And when I say “sometimes,” I mostly mean the days where I have to wear ALL the hats. Now, I’m all about outsourcing where I can, but… where I can isn’t everywhere.

And I’m sure you, if you are indeed a business owner too, can relate.

Some days, you’re the expert at what you do, all day. And those days are amazing! But other days, you’re the expert at what you do… and you’re a social media manager, and you’re a graphic designer, and you’re somehow an office manager, and of course, how could we forget that you had to get a new business credit card, and all of those digital subscriptions you use to keep everything working on the back end of your business aren’t going to update themselves. Am I right? Or am I right.

But when you’re juggling wearing all the hats, and learning all the software, and trying to keep up, I’m going to make a big ole guess that there are some specific tasks that land squarely on the backburner.


What needs to be consistent for your business online?

Everyone in unison now: “Social media”.

It’s a pain to keep up with, even more of a pain to design posts for – and with how totally viscous the Facebook and Instagram algorithms have been lately, sometimes it’s hard to know whether those tasks are even WORKING the way you want them to. But we all have to do it, and ya know, how else would your future customers see all of the cool brand photography we’ve done for you??

I don’t have the solution to the “all the hats” situation yet, but I’ll keep you updated if I find a magic cure. What I *can* tell you though, is that Canva makes at least a handful of those hats a lot easier to wear, and therefore… also makes it WAY easier to keep up with all of the things you have to do on a daily basis as a business owner. It helps you get your time back, and without being cliché, that’s basically the most valuable thing there is.

How does Canva help? What makes it so magical? (You won’t have to sit in suspense long, because I’m going to tell you!!)

Example of social media post batching in Canva for staying consistent online

Canva makes batching your social content EASY

Canva helps you do something that’s as close to social content creation magic as we can get without a lamp to rub or a wand to wave. Batching.

Canva. Helps you. Batch.

I’m not ashamed to say that a few months ago (yes, literally a few months ago, don’t come for me) I was still posting on Instagram and Facebook once a day, every day. Which loosely translates to “anytime I could remember to do it.” Which (spoiler) wasn’t actually every day.

I’d remember to do them really consistently for like a week and then “poof”! The task went to where the social media tasks go when we have all kinds of other business-owner-y things to do. The void. I’m referring to the void.

But now that I’m using Canva, it makes it a TON easier to create posts all at once. I can do two weeks or more at a time, if I’m really feeling antsy! It makes carousels easier, too, which is a big deal, because let’s all be honest: they’re a pain.

Basically, being able to batch in Canva makes it so much easier to schedule content in advance, and when I’m scheduling things in advance? I’m actually *consistent* with my posts, instead of just kind of putting things up when I think of it.

Hello consistency!!

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It saves you time, which means you can focus on strategy

Batching is only one of the elements of working in Canva that makes it ten times easier to handle your social posting for your business. It also cuts out unnecessary software subscriptions, from your scheduling tool (yes, Canva can schedule your social posts, if you’re not already using the free scheduler from Meta!) to… whatever you’re using to create graphics now.

Now, of course, if you’re in the photographer club like me, it’s likely that you’ve got Photoshop access anyway, and that can’t go anywhere because… logic. But if you’re NOT a photographer, and you’re using Photoshop or AdobeSpark to create your social media graphics… You can hop right out of that boat.

Canva has both a free version and a paid version, and although some templates require their paid membership (and even my own templates work best with the paid membership) not all of them do! There are THOUSANDS of free templates available to use that you can export and post to Instagram (and Facebook, and everywhere else) in no time at all.

And, since Canva has a scheduling tool, you can go straight from graphic to post, ALSO in no time at all.

So you get a ton of extra time, to spend on other, more important things, like wearing your “expert at what you do” hat. Or napping. Napping also works. (#exhaustedmomclub)

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Canva makes resizing your graphics simple, so you can stay consistent on multiple platforms.

Wanna know the feature of Canva that’s possibly my FAVORITE? It’s called Magic Resize, and it’s available in their paid option. They named it VERY well, because I promise you, it is actually genuinely magical. No exaggeration.

Canva Magic Resize allows you to change the dimensions on a design you’ve created in like two clicks TOPS. So you can create a post optimized for Instagram, and then decide that you want to post it on Facebook, and use Facebook’s preferred dimensions. Two clicks, and you’ve got a new version of the design, sized for you like magic. (Hence “Magic Resize”)

The same thing applies to all of your marketing materials. Want to make the header of your emails match the banner you use on your Etsy store? They have size options for both of those things. Make it once, Magic Resize it, and you’re done.

I could give you another witty joke about how much more time you’ll have for napping when you’re making ONE thing for your next sale on yoga classes or discount on appointments with your lash bar… but let’s be honest. It’s not just about the napping.

It’s also about creating a seamless, consistent experience for your customers, no matter where they’re interacting with your business. Your website, your email list, your social platforms… they need to match. And Magic Resize makes that easier than ever.

Are YOU using Canva?

I’ve gotta ask. Are YOU using Canva? Because I am. I use it all the time, and I love it.

And if you want to get started using it for YOUR business (especially if you’re a photographer!!) you should check out the templates and tools (all Canva compatible) available in my Etsy shop! They’ll help you start with something gorgeous, so that you can be consistently fun in ALL of the places your business lives online!

newborn baby boy on white rug wearing white wrap holding moms hand
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