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Graduation is Nearing, and you know what that means!

When you think about senior pictures… do you think about high school? Because if you do, that makes sense. I mean, graduation is a big moment, and finishing high school is a huge achievement! But… it’s not the only graduation worth celebrating! Graduation photo sessions aren’t just for high schoolers! They’re also for your undergrad, and graduate degrees!

And honestly… no photo session is more important than others. But I’ve got to say, graduation photo sessions after your college degree might just maybe be even MORE important than the senior pictures you had done after high school!

Celebrating Isn’t Just For Teens

I know you already know this, but sometimes it’s nice to hear things from someone else. Getting permission, if you know what I mean. What am I giving you permission for? CELEBRATING!

Your achievements are WORTH celebrating. Every, single, time. Especially an achievement like graduation, because it’s one of those big life changing moments. It’s a transition. You go from NOT having a degree… to very suddenly having one. You’ve finished up exams, maybe you even wrote a thesis, if this isn’t your first time on the post-secondary merry go round.

Those are BIG things. Even if it feels like something “everyone” does. (Spoiler, it’s NOT something everyone does, but it’s really easy for it to FEEL that way!)

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You’re Going to Need Headshots!

There’s also a super practical side to having a graduation photo session when you’re finishing up your degree, because odds are… your next step is getting that dream job. And whether you’ve got it lined up already or not, you’re going to need headshots! It might be to update your Linkedin while you’re on the hunt for that job. It might be to submit when you’re applying for the next step in your academic career. Maybe you’ve already GOT the dream job, and they’re going to want a headshot for their website!

But no matter which situation is YOUR situation, headshots can only help.

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You Want to Remember This Forever!

Let’s say you really don’t think you’re going to need headshots anytime soon. You’re not someone who posts things on social media, and you don’t have any use for professional headshots when it comes to your job. Maybe you’re not sending out graduation announcements either. 

Even if that’s the case… it doesn’t rule out a graduation photo session for you! Wanna know why? MEMORIES. That’s why.

Years from now, you’re going to want to be able to look back at this time in your life. It might not feel like it now, while you’re in the middle of exams, or headed toward them – but there will come a time that you’re going to want to be able to stroll down memory lane. To see the pride you felt when you finished your degree, and completed something truly exceptional.

And you deserve to have gorgeous images to look back on of this time in your life! Just like you deserve to be able to look back at your high school years, or on the changes that happened in the life of your little one. You deserve memories. And graduating is a SPECTACULAR memory.

You Can Make it a Family Affair!

Another magical thing about graduation photo sessions, is they don’t have to just be you! You can include your family, your friends – your favorite people. The people who supported you while you crammed overnight in the library. Who brought you breakfast before your 8am class second semester. The ones who stood by your side.

Or, your kids. Your inspiration. The tiny humans who you did all this for – the ones who made all the stress, and the late nights, and the hard work WORTH it. You can bring them too! They get to celebrate WITH you. To watch your achievement and learn that it’s always worth celebrating those moments. Maybe you got your degree in the first place to set an example for them – to prove to them that with hard work, anything is possible. Teach them that celebrating those achievements goes hand in hand with accomplishing them. That it’s not just “on to the next thing” once they’ve done something amazing. Teach them that THEY are worth celebrating, by celebrating YOU. Leading by example is powerful.

brothers in matching navy polo shirts during Minneapolis Fall Mini Sessions

Ready for YOUR Graduation Pictures?

So if you’ve been thinking that senior pictures are just for high schoolers… I want to pull you up on that! Because they’re not. They’re for ANY graduation, of ANY achievement. And I want to celebrate with you! So if you’re graduating… let’s talk. I want to get you on the calendar! That way, you can remember this moment in all its glory, forever.

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