Your Profile Photo Makes a Difference: Linkedin Headshot Sessions

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It’s easy to think only business owners need headshots

Look, I’m not here today to convince you that you need headshots if you’re not a business owner. Because it’s really, really easy to think that they’re the only people who need headshot images! But we’ve already talked about that, so if you need convincing, I’d suggest you go check out all the other reasons you might need a headshot session.

Included in that list, is headshot sessions for Linkedin! Business owner or not, we all know how important those professional platforms are for getting a job. (Not to mention in 2024… We all know how it is, right?) But your Linkedin profile photo has a job to do, and it needs to do that job well if you’re going to… well, use it to successfully get a job.

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You need to make an IMPRESSION

I’m gonna throw some statistics at you, but stay with me because I promise there’s a point!! The Science of People tells us that it takes about 7 seconds for people to form a first impression. Another study by Princeton researchers, found that actually, sometimes people make their judgment of you within 1/10th of a second. That’s like… the amount of time it takes you to read one word in this sentence. So in other words, no time at all.

And that’s not just in person, either. That’s ALSO online. So those recruiters hitting your Linkedin page? You best bet they’re going to form a serious impression of you when they see your profile picture. It’s just a fact. So if that’s the amount of time you have to make an impression on the recruiters for your dream job… you’ve gotta make it count, right?

Knowing the profile picture you use on Linkedin might make the difference between GETTING that interview, and… not… might feel overwhelming. There are a ton of things to think about going into it, to make sure your image does what you want it to. And lucky for you, there are a ton of ways to make that happen, and I’m here to help!

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What kind of job are you hoping to get?

The first thing you need to think about when you’re having a headshot session for Linkedin, is what kind of a job you’re going for, and what industry it’s in. If your training is in finance, you’re probably going to want a very different profile photo than someone who’s trained as a chef. And that’s okay, and important! But it’s definitely something to take into account. So your first question to ask yourself, is what does “professional” look like in my target industry?

If you want to go into a position where you’re going to spend a lot of time talking to people, and you need to look approachable, then that’s what you’re going to need to go for in your profile photo. But if you’re in a corporate position and you’re aiming to change employers, you might need something a little more streamlined, with less “approachability” worked in.

And that’s different still if you’re just joining the work force and you want to join a startup. You’re going to need something really well suited to 2024, because those kinds of businesses tend to take a slightly more casual approach.

You see how this is working, right? Do this exercise in YOUR industry. What are recruiters looking for? What tone do they want to see? THAT is the tone to bring to your profile photo! Give them what they want!

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When you think about it, it’s a mini personal brand!

Really what this boils down to is creating a miniature personal brand for your job search/career growth. What does the version of you that HAS that job look like? How do they stand? What does CONFIDENCE look like to them?

It’s not a situation where you have to choose colors or make a logo, like an actual personal brand, but you can use the tone recruiters in your industry are going for to frame the headshot session. It makes things a TON easier if you think of it that way!

Professional Linkedin Headshots put you a Cut Above The Rest

Whether you’re putting your headshot directly on your resume/CV or not, companies are going to see who you are eventually. Some even go as far as to check out your actual social media beyond Linkedin. As of now, this is still a totally legal step for employers, as long as they’re not considering any protected statuses in their thinking when they’re taking a look. So you might want to consider cleaning up the rest of your profiles too, and using a different image from your session for your Facebook profile, for example! Maybe something a little more personal, but still something that would be attractive to those recruiters we’ve been talking about.

Using professional photos on those profiles can truly make a difference. Even Forbes thinks so! They recommend professional headshots for your Linkedin profile as a step that will make you stand out to employers. 

Jessica Strobel eating doughnuts for her brand photoshoot

Hoping to revamp your social profiles? Let’s talk!

If it’s time to make a positive change in your job hunt, that might mean it’s time for a Linkedin headshot session. And whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here! I have branding and headshot sessions available here in Minneapolis to help you get your dream job on Linkedin (and make sure your other social platforms are ready for recruiters eyes!)

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