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by | Apr 25, 2024 | Brand Photography, Business, Sessions

Can’t decide between a headshot session and a branding session?

I’ve recently shaken up the structure of my branding packages, after literally YEARS of offering basically one session structure and keeping things super simple. I’m not one to overcomplicate, but… every business is different. Every single business owner needs something different, and honestly it felt like it was time to customize this area a little more. Reflect YOUR uniqueness through some unique packages!

Each package has been designed with a different person in mind, and of COURSE they can be customized from here too. Really, think of them as starting points. If they work for you perfectly just as they are, that’s amazing! If you need something even MORE customized… we can talk about that too! But I wanted to walk you through my branding and headshot packages as they stand, so it can help you pick which package is best for you. Today we’re going to look at them based on the elements of the packages, broken down by topic, and prioritized by how important the differences are to which package you plan! So in other words, this one is kind of a “process of elimination” for which package makes the most sense for you.

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Think About Outfits Included

There are different numbers of outfit changes included in each of my branding + headshot packages! It’s important to note that even the SMALLEST package includes 1-2 outfits, so even in the Headshot Refresh you can change once. But the reason I put this first on my list of “process of elimination” session selection, is if you definitely want four wardrobe changes during the session, that’s going to weed things down to my two full branding session packages, instead of the smaller headshot session packages.

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Think About Locations Included

After you’ve thought about the number of outfit changes you want in your session, next on the priority list (and also a super differentiating line item in what’s included in these sessions) is the locations we can shoot at! Most of my Minneapolis branding and headshot sessions take place in my studio, but that’s definitely not the only option!

All packages other than the Headshot Refresh include at minimum the outside of the studio, so your images don’t have to just be indoors! But with my branding session packages, the world is your oyster. A Brand Refresh session can take place in one location of your choice, and a Brand Upgrade session includes up to FOUR locations! So when you’re thinking about this one, the best way to evaluate it is to think about the goal of the session. Obviously when you’re picking between branding & headshot sessions in general, you’re going to think about the goals, but… is this shoot for social media? For a Linkedin profile? How many locations do you NEED? Because if it’s more than one… you super easily know which package you need! Or… maybe we need to start with the Brand Refresh and customize a bit for you. If that’s the case, reach out, and we can talk about it!!

women posed in front of a flower wall for Minneapolis branding photos

Number of Photos Included

Next up is another one of those deciding factors that involves thinking about the goal of the session. How many images do you NEED? Because the packages I’m offering right now have been optimized based on different needs and purposes, and therefore… they come with different numbers of images. A Headshot Refresh, for example, comes with 3 fully retouched images. It’s designed for when you need to update your business owner bio, and your profile images. The “All In Headshots” package comes with 8, and it goes up from there, to the “Brand Upgrade” which includes all of the images in your gallery.

Now, the reason this is lower on the list, is because you can always upgrade the images included to get more! For every package, you’ll receive a proofing gallery within 24 hours of your session, and you’ll have the opportunity to pick MORE than the included number of photos if you so choose.

Time Available for the Session

The final thing to think about when you’re choosing between branding & headshot sessions, is how much time you have available! It just wouldn’t make sense for you to get a Brand Upgrade session if you only have 30 minutes to spare in your day.

Sometimes, we just need to fit in a quick photo update, and I absolutely get that! That’s why there are packages that fit every need.

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Still not sure which package is for you?

If you’ve thought about the outfit changes included, the locations, the number of photos, and the time you’ve got available, and you’re still not sure which package will work… we should talk! I’m all about making sure the package we move forward with fits your needs, even if all that means is you need to kind of talk through it a little bit first.

(P.S. Check out this sample of a branding session!!)
Woman in pool smiling during a unique branding session
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