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Saint Paul is filled with beautiful parks, landscapes and historical building that are wonderful backdrops for family photographyengagement sessions, and maternity. Here are a few gems that I enjoy taking pictures at.

Saint Paul. The sister city to Minneapolis. Where do I start?!? There are so many hidden gems in St. Paul and if you love history, St. Paul will definitely have what you’re looking for in terms of backgrounds.


This is a gorgeous spot with no shortage of historical sculptures in the gardens. You can cuddle up with your sweetie on a bench overlooking the city or just revel in all the historic Victorian-era mansions in the area. And with the beautiful eagle statue overseeing all that you do in the park, you’re bound to feel some of the magic of the park too.

If you’re wondering about a beautiful location for taking outside family pictures, the Summit Lookout Park is definitely a location you’ll want to consider.


Ever hopped on an Amtrak from Union Depot? If you have, you’ll know that the inside of the train station is gorgeous. The ceilings are wide and expansive with beautiful arches and depending on the time of day we can capture some really gorgeous light in there too!


Raised Catholic? Even if you weren’t, you’ll absolutely appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of this cathedral. So many stories were started here as couples celebrate their vows or babies get baptized or families come on a holiday to worship. Once again this is a prime spot for overseeing downtown St. Paul and pulling some of the rich histories of the State Capitol into your family portraits.


Thirsty for a beautiful view of downtown St. Paul? This is your spot! I love the beautiful display of summer wildflowers in this park and all of the activities hosted here in the summer and fall. It’s not a surprise to come across a yoga class in the park here or dog lovers walking their dogs on a trail.


If you love water and find it calming, this is your spot! Taking photographs from the High Bridge Scenic Overlook is such a treat. I personally love to see all the inner-workings of the city as well as all the river traffic and barges. Besides all of that, when the wind is blowing, you’ll feel like a celebrity.

Do you ever wonder what the best time to take pictures is? My personal preference is to take photographs at dusk, shortly before the sunsets. The light at this time of day is perfection. That said, I totally get how hard it is to get a toddler or a 5-year-old to cooperate at that time of day! Not to worry! When we’re planning your outdoor family portraits we’ll take all of that into consideration and find the time of day with the best lighting and the best opportunity for a fun and relaxed session!


Another family favorite! Como Conservatory is filled with lush tropical vegetation, beautiful orchids, and a seasonal display in the main greenhouse. You absolutely cannot make a mistake by choosing this as your location for photographs. What I love about Como Conservatory is that there is a special spot in the place for everyone. No matter what you have in mind for your photos, we can find the perfect spot to capture the moments you want to preserve.

Wondering how to smile for pictures? Wonder no more! The Como Conservatory is so lush and inviting that you’re bound to sport a natural smile here.

One question I do get a lot is how to look good in pictures? It seems like this is especially a concern when we’re taking photographs at a location like the Como Conservatory where a permit is required.


Before I started researching locations for photoshoots I had never considered “The Old Loading Docks”! How could I miss it!?! It’s an awesome location for entrepreneurs or small business owners that want a modern feel to their branding portraits. There’s so much history attached to this place. It’s just oozing with untold stories but the energy is hip and palpable.


This is a gorgeous location flanked by the Mississippi River bluffs. Not only does this place have secluded spots for intimate photos, but the waterfall is magical. This would be a great location for a branding shoot or for couples wanting to capture engagement photos.

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