What is a Fresh 48 Session? Throwback!

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Fresh 48 sessions or Birth Photography?

I just had the opportunity to take photographs for one of my favorite families The Padget’s. They welcomed their newborn son into the world this past June. It was their fourth and final little. What I loved the most about this session was that I had the chance to photograph the baby’s siblings meeting him for the first time!


It was an easy choice for Nicole and Ryan to choose fresh 48 instead of birth photography since they wanted the first moments captured but not the actual birth.


It’s such a special experience to be invited to capture the most intimate and precious moments following birth. I’ve known the Padget family for years and have been their family photographer since Marin the oldest was only 2 years old and I LOVE being invited in to capture these moments you simply cannot recreate. I promise out of any photos you ever have done- these will be your favorite.


Sometimes those first hours postpartum are a total whirlwind. If you give birth in the hospital, nurses are in and out of your room. You are up feeding the new baby every 3 hours. The blood pressure machine is going off every hour. You might notice the noise in the hallway. Your physician or midwife might stop in to have a chat and check on how you’re doing. It’s busy!!! Not to mention the fact that you’re trying to squeeze in breastfeeding and diaper changes and may have new visitors.


My job is to slow downtime. My job is to help make moments last forever. When I took the photo of baby Caden in the bassinet with her newborn wrist bands on I was capturing a moment. Nicole might not have even noticed how he looked in that snippet of time as she was juggling the older children and grabbing a bite in between. But that moment exists forever.

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but what I do is I document life. I document milestones. I document moments you will cherish forever. When I’m invited to be the Fresh 48 photographer for a family, I know that I have a really important job! And I love my job!


For me, it’s all about the interactions. It’s about how a new mom snuggles with her baby. It’s about how a new dad cuddles with baby skin-to-skin. It’s about how siblings share a special gift that they’ve brought to the hospital for their new baby brother or sister. How they count the little toes or touch his little nose and kiss the little cheeks for the first time.

Taking a photo might seem like a really simple thing, but I always remind my clients and friends that there’s an art to capturing the perfect photo. It’s not just about lighting and space, but it’s also about having an eye for those moments and making a “click” before that moment is gone.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best family camera, certain moments are going to be missed without a plan. And what I love besides the fact that I’m producing art, is that I get to help you choose the beautiful canvas or print that you love to hang on your wall. When you see that work of art on your wall it will remind you of that moment.

Besides all of that, it’s such a privilege to be part of your experience. I’d love to be considered for your newborn photography mn.


So how do you decide if a Fresh 48 Session is for you? One thing to consider is whether or not you’re going to have birth photography. If you’re not planning on hiring a birth photographer, definitely consider scheduling a Fresh 48 Session. The raw moments captured in the film during a Fresh 48 Session will fill you up and remind you why all the hard work of labor and birth was worth it, no matter how your birth plan went.


Finally, just don’t be me. I thought it would be enough for my husband to use my fancy smancy camera on auto and get great pictures. Well….. I got only one that is “kind of” in focus of my boy’s meeting for the first time. Insert the saddest face ever here. So make an investment and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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