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by | Apr 4, 2020 | Sessions


One thing that I really love about having professional photos taken with my children is that we get to spend that time together. I know sometimes professional photos can be stressful, but the thing I love about Jessica Strobel Photography is that Jess always makes the sessions fun for kids! She’s a mom with a busy life and 2 active boys and she knows exactly how to capture the attention of even the most energetic kids!

When I met Jessica at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens for our Mommy and Me shoot I didn’t think twice about having fun. I just let everything go and decided to enjoy the moment. I decided not to worry too much about having the perfect makeup on or having all of my daughter’s snarls out of her hair.

My daughter was super excited! She was 6-years-old at the time and was dead set on wearing her teal plastic sunglasses. That wasn’t my plan, but it was perfect. Jess met us in the parking lot and snapped some photos of my daughter right there, teal sunglasses made-in-China and all!

The other thing I loved about our Mommy and Me session was that it was the perfect length, about 30 minutes. It was just enough time to hit all of our favorite spots in the Japanese gardens adjacent to the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens. My daughter was able to climb a few trees and have her photo taken. And, most importantly we ended the session with smiles instead of tears!

Jess is really good at developing a rapport with kids right away and making suggestions throughout the session in a way that seems fun and inviting. My daughter really was on Cloud 9! She’s a little Diva anyway and would have probably stayed for a half-day photo shoot (as long as there were plenty of snacks)!

After the session, Jess was super prompt about getting our initial gallery to us within 48 hours. I couldn’t believe her turnaround time! Just getting to look through the photos with my daughter on the computer was super fun and I also got to ask my daughter which photos she liked best.

I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to make decisions about which photos to have printed or turned into a canvas. I love them all! But Jess was great about helping us select some of our favorites! She has so many options for how you can have the photos printed and the quality is top notch.


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