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by | Mar 30, 2020 | Sessions

This is an oldie blog but a goodie and it’s even more relevant with COVID-19. Being stuck at home isn’t easy and you have may have had to postpone your own newborn photos but that doesn’t mean you should just skip them. With the technology today- you can easily get a few shots yourself and then do a lifestyle shoot with me within the first 8 weeks for having your little (wink wink)…. So why not use your camera phone to take a few shots during the first week or two of life. These phones have a great capability to take fabulous pictures. They have limitations but we won’t go into that today.

I am going to walk you through a few step that make you newborn pictures look almost as fabulous as mine!

GO AU NATURAL: Forget the fuss of props and outfits. All you need is your baby for this one. A diaper is optional but have a swaddle handy/wrap in case the baby is fussy and can’t settle. Take pictures of your little one’s sweet toes, fingers, eyes, and nose…… Especially any baby chub! I

HOW: Simply find a blanket you love. I always suggest somewhat of a neutral color. I love white- white never dates and it’s bright and cheery. But tans, creams, and some pastels are just fine. Basically, you want something that won’t date your pictures. You don’t want to look back in 10-20 years and think oh man I wish that I wouldn’t have put that hip sack on the baby;) I find that blankets that are furry or shag work the best since they make the image look softer and give the image some depth. Set yourself up near a window during the best time of day so you can get that beautiful natural light in the picture.

OR… just use the a bed room that has great light. Through a simple comforter on and bam!

Keep the room warm for your photoshoot-basically you are trying to mimic mom’s womb. This helps keep the baby happy and calm.

Use white noise: again mimicking the womb (just think how comfy it was) dohm or the baby shusher is my go to white noise machine

Feed baby before starting your DIY newborn photo shoot: you want the baby to be nice and full

Keep baby up an hour or 2 before your DIY newborn photo shoot: its ideal to have a very sleepy baby

If the baby is crabby- swaddle. Swaddling is the number one way photographers use to settle a baby.

Use portrait mode on your phone if you would like a blurred background

Lastly, have fun. And MOMS make sure dad takes pictures of you and baby. We are NEVER in enough photos.


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