What are milestone sessions and why you should do them!

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What are milestone sessions?

So you’ve done newborn photos but not sure if you need more photographs of the first year? Well…… I am here to tell you that you do and that why it’s important. Milestone sessions are exactly what they sounds- they capture the big milestones during the first year. Holding the head-up during tummy time, sitting up unassisted, and the BIG one year!

Why should you get Milestone sessions?

As a parent I will tell you, time goes by so fast. It’s really so cliche to say that but it’s true. My kids are now FOUR and ONE POINT FIVE. I have no idea how we got here this fast but here I am with kids not babies. With James, I did newborn, six, and one year. With Jack, I did monthly mini sessions and I am beyond happy I did both. So, I’m here to tell you WHY I am happy I did milestone photos and why I offer a few options and payment plans.

If you are wondering if you should…. I say yes! You deserve it and so does you child(ren). Do you trust your memory to remember these precious moments to the fullest? I personally know that I truly cannot. Preserve these moments while you can. I personally cannot remember what either of my children looked like at this age unless I’m reminded by the photos I had done. I literally cry happy tears when I look at the photos. They remind me of how SMALL they were , the tiny smiles and their big personalities – I’m such a huge softy since I had babies.I’ve had mom brain for years. Are relying on your cell phone to be here forever and never crash? You know what can and will last? Quality prints and quality images can last a lifetime.


Often we plan for the birth of our children, and the big 1-year cake smash- but what about all those months in between? The first holding the head up, sitting unassisted and standing up! These are milestone moments you don’t want to forget- you can’t recreate these photos, once the time passes its over. We rush towards these milestones and quickly regret they are here so soon. Milestone sessions document the milestones that are reached, capturing moments that will be gone forever and from your vivid memories before you know it.

What I offer at Jessica Strobel Photography


This is for the mom that wants everything. It includes maternity, fresh 48, newborn, three, six, nine months and 1 year. It covers everything except the actual birth of you baby. Thats a total of 7 full session photos shoots. We will capture your pregnancy glow. Pregnancy is such a beautiful things and should be captured whether you are on baby one, two, or ten!

Head on over to packages to see all the different packages offered for the first year!

And… Check out the cute nugget below. This is Mable @ newborn, 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months! I’ll update as sweet Mable turns one.

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