Motherhood Minis: Choosing a Minneapolis Photography Session Locations 2024

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This year, I have two locations available for the Motherhood Mini Sessions! They’re filling super fast, and if you want to reserve yours… you might want to take care of that. I have to admit, you might be down to only one location option (or even fully booked) depending on when you see this post!

But if you see it in time, and you’re having trouble choosing between the two options, I wanted to walk you through them a little bit, so that you can choose between The Lyndale Rose Garden/Peace Garden, and Arneson Acres Park. Because at the end of the day they’re BOTH great choices, and I’d have trouble picking too!!

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What do both locations have in common?

The first thing to talk about when we’re discussing Minneapolis photo session locations, is what do they have in common?? After all, there’s a reason I’ve scouted both of these spots to use for sessions, and why the outcome of the Motherhood Minis is always so consistent.

Both of these parks are gorgeous, with lush greenery and florals. They’re both really well cared for, and have walking paths to make your life easy. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you’re going to end up with absolutely gorgeous pictures after your session, that feel luxurious and highlight your family.

So basically what I’m saying is both of them are GREAT choices!! Or I wouldn’t offer them both.

Lyndale Peace Garden & Lyndale Rose Garden

Photography sessions at Lyndale Park are ALWAYS gorgeous! One of the best things about holding photography sessions here is the versatility of the location. We can use the Peace Garden, the Rose Garden, or both! For the motherhood minis we usually choose one to focus on, since the sessions are so speedy. But if you end up loving both locations, we can always put together a full family session for you there, where we can take advantage of the backdrops available at both!

As I’m sure you already know, Lyndale Park is pretty big. Since Motherhood Minis are pretty quick, you can always make a day of it! Before (or after!) your session, enjoy the scenery with your kiddos, before you head home for the day.

Arneson Acres Park – Edina

The second location for the Motherhood Mini Sessions this year is JUST as lovely as Lyndale Park. It’s Arneson Acres! It’s a smaller park, but has just as much impact for photos as Lyndale does!

Located in Edina, it might be the case that Arneson Acres is the obvious choice for you simply because it’s closer to home. But it’s also an amazing choice if you want to take advantage of their beautiful fountain!

Arneson Acres also features a gazebo and formal gardens, and all of them make amazing backdrops for the images from your session.

Mother posed with her three children for a "mommy and me" session with Jessica Strobel

When in doubt…. You CAN book both!

It might seem a little extra… but if you can’t choose? You can always book both! That is, if the spots stay open on the calendar long enough for you to snag them.

At the time of writing, there are only a handful of sessions left, but both locations are available!

P.S. Still not sure whether the Motherhood Sessions are for you

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