Minneapolis Prenatal Massage for a Relaxing Pregnancy!

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If you ask me, someone that has had babies, prenatal massages are pretty necessary throughout pregnancy. Your body is doing the absolute most right now. It’s growing and stretching constantly to create a new life, and you’re likely feeling it every minute of the day. By scheduling regular prenatal massages, you’re not only giving yourself some much-needed relaxation, but you’re also helping alleviate several symptoms by increasing circulation and targeting overworked muscles. If you’ve been considering booking a session, I would love to tell you about some of my favorite places in Minneapolis for a prenatal massage. 

Four Minneapolis Prenatal Massage Locations Your Body Will Thank You For





Blooma is a center devoted to the holistic wellness of pregnant people everywhere. The studio was started by birth doula Sarah Longacre in 2007 as a way to give new parents a center where they could connect with others over practices such as yoga. While you can definitely get a great stretch at Blooma Minneapolis, their prenatal massage services are particularly magical. The studio offers several skilled massage therapists who have been trained in prenatal and postpartum massage. The studio has specially designed tables that allow you to safely lie belly-down so you can fully relax.

Elements Massage

Elements Massage is a nationwide chain with a Minneapolis location that perfected the art of prenatal massage. They also hold their therapists to the highest standards to ensure your services are everything you could want. The studio gives you the option to book multiple massages at a discounted rate. So you can receive services at intervals that will best benefit you. Elements also allows you to book a massage for any trimester. Additionally, they will be sure to pair you with a massage therapist that will be the best match for your needs. 

Tree of Life

Tree of Life understands that pregnancy is a very sacred time in your life. So they will work to ensure that you can enjoy every minute. The Minneapolis studio provides prenatal massages designed to decrease muscle tension and ligament pain. You’ll have the option of using a bolster to lay facedown or on your side. Regardless of what you choose, you can guarantee that your massage therapist will work magic to relieve your body of all the stress it’s currently experiencing. 

Sabai Body Temple

Sabai Body Temple is full of premium services for everyone, including pregnant people. The massages at the studio are both therapeutic and relaxing, easing tension while allowing you to be present. Sabai Body Temple has an adjustable setup that allows you to lay on your belly throughout your services. You can also select a couples’ massage that has been created to help both parents as they prepare to welcome their little one. 

Minneapolis Prenatal Massage

If you’ve been feeling the toll of pregnancy on your body, it’s time to treat it. With any of these fantastic Minneapolis prenatal massage studios, you’ll have the relaxation you need performed by a massage therapist you can trust. 

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