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Moms the time is now that you get pictures with your children. Not tomorrow, not next month.


First of all, you are doing it! You are getting through the long days, the chaos, the tears, the beautiful and the ugly moments that are motherhood. It’s oh so hard but yet oh so great.

Moms, you deserve to have a beautiful motherhood photo session with your kids. PERIOD. Planing and getting pictures taken can be absolutely dredful for you. I get it.

As moms, we are often in charge of finding a photographer, scheduling the photo session, deciding on the locations (Psst my favorite location is the Lyndale Rose Garden ) and outfits and then making sure everyone has their shit together on the big day. It’s exhausting. I know. I do this all as a mother as well.

And as the kids get bigger, time goes faster, and we are often the ones capturing all the firsts, the big days, ect. What’s missing is……. us. We are rarely in the pictures and thus missing from creating keepsakes we pass on to our children.

So let’s capture those simple moments and preserve them forever. Ones of you hugging, whispering, tickling and laughing with your kids. Moms, it’s time that you get pictures with your children. During your session I’ll make sure you’re feeling great. You don’t even have to dress up or wear makeup. There’s no stress involved, just fun!

black mother and daughters in photography studio. newborn daughter sleeping and preschool daughter giving mom a kiss on the cheek

You’ll feel great knowing you have pictures with you children.

You know that when you look back at old photos of yourself and your family, it makes you feel happy and nostalgic. But how often do we really take the time to get these kinds of photos? If we’re being honest with ourselves, probably not very often at all–and that’s why I’m here today! I cannot stress how important family photos are. Ones that you love and cherish. That you can pass on and look through as a family.

You don’t have to dress up or wear makeup.

You don’t have to dress up or wear makeup. It’s okay if you want to, of course, but the point is that it’s not required. You can be yourself and your kids will love it. And if you don’t want the stress of picking out your own outfit- no worries. Come to the studio and check out my client closet! I have dress galore for moms of all sizes and shapes!

Moms need pictures with their kid and I can capture them in the most natural way possible.

Moms need pictures with their kids, and I can capture them in the most natural way possible. Leave the stress behind, and just have fun! My sessions are laid back. We’ll play a game of telephone, tickle monster and give the biggest bear hugs. I talk fluent toddler and preschooler so I game for any kiddo that comes my way.

black mom is sweatsuit with three children at mill city ruins minneapolis


I hope this article has helped you see the value of having pictures taken of yourself and your children together. It’s a great way to capture those special moments in your life, and the best part is that I can help make it happen! I know that taking family photos can be stressful sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

At the end of the day though- it won’t matter what you wear, or if you hair is done or if you lost the remaining covid weight. What matters is that you have memories to give your kiddos and beautiful art to hang on your walls.

So here the thing moms. YOU get your pictures taken and I promise I will capture the moments: the joy on your face from the hugs, the love your share with your kids, the laughter that comes from the chaos and every emotion in-between.

I don’t know about you but I feel the most beautiful when I’m in my own element with the my kids. When I’m getting all the snuggles. I promise you will love everything about your pictures  because I can feel the joy and the energy. YOU WILL HAVE THE MOM GLOW. I promise.

Mom with daughter sitting on park bench. Daughter is giving mom big hug around her neck


one tired mama who is thankful she does pictures with her children!


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