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“Should I book Fresh 48 Photography, or a Newborn Session?”

We all know what a newborn session is – after all, it’s in the name. Newborn sessions take place in the first few weeks of your newborn’s life, and they’re usually either done in your home (like my Lifestyle Newborn sessions), or at a photography studio.

But there are other types of sessions that involve your new baby, and they’re equally important, even though they’re less well-known.

I’m talking about Fresh 48 sessions. Fresh 48 sessions are also pretty much what’s-on-the-tin, because they’re taken within the first 48 hours of your baby joining the fam! But they’re much less likely to take place in the studio, or in your home – unless you give birth there. It’s much more common for them to happen in the hospital, JUST after your baby has been born.

When people ask me which type of session they should get, I honestly freeze up a little. The sessions are so different, and so beautiful in their own ways, that it’s not an easy decision! And I personally think that the best answer? Is *both*.

wiggly newborn boy in a striped onesie wincing and crying

“What’s the Difference?”

Spoiler: there’s LOTS of them!

It’s not just location that makes the difference between these session types, there’s other details at play too. If this isn’t your first time on the parenthood merry-go-round, you’ll know exactly how true what I’m about to say is. Your baby will change DRASTICALLY in their first few weeks on the outside (you know what I mean).

They go so quickly from being squirmy and new to being chunky and squishy. Okay fine maybe they’re squishy the whole time, but it’s a little bit like how you can always tell that “newborns” on TV shows aren’t *actually* newborns. They’ve been around a hot minute before they’re covered in what I can only assume is strawberry gelatin for the big screen.

By the time they’re on this week’s episode of Chicago Med, they’re even smaller, even squishier – but just as perfect.

Mother and daughter counting the toes of their family's newest member

Fresh 48 Sessions Capture your Newborn, NEW

And because Fresh 48 sessions happen RIGHT after the birth of your baby, they’re designed to capture those details! Their red little cheeks, in all their glory. Mom’s proud exhaustion. Their older sibling’s awestruck eyes. Before you’ve even left the hospital.

Newborn Sessions are designed for a bit later

Newborn sessions still capture your newborn (like I said, it’s in the name) but they’re designed to take place a little later. Still within their first few weeks here with you, but not quite as soon as Fresh 48. By the time your Newborn session has come around, they’ll most likely (believe it or not) have grown into their little cheeks. And if they were born without hair… they might even have grown some little wispy newborn fuzz!

Fresh 48 Sessions aren’t designed to be Styled

One of the bigger differences between newborn sessions and fresh 48 sessions is the style of the session itself. During a fresh 48 session, since you’re likely still in the hospital or you’ve JUST arrived home, we don’t worry about styling your session as much as we do with a newborn session. We won’t think about headbands or curated wraps to use, we capture the setting as it is. The emotions, as they are.

Newborn Sessions can be as styled as you want!

That’s not the case for Newborn Sessions! Although you can choose to have a lifestyle newborn session that isn’t as styled, and is more along the lines of a documenting your lifestyle (still in the name…) many Newborn sessions are more styled. And since Mamma has had some time to recover from birth, we can also work in some gorgeous styled shots of you together. If you want to wear a gown, we can make that happen. Or, since your session can take place in the studio, you can have a moment of peace while I work my magic with the camera. This kind of break, even if it’s short, can be so helpful if you’re feeling a little touched-out in those first few weeks. (No shame in that game, suddenly being a tiny human’s whole world is a LOT to handle all at once, even if this isn’t your first rodeo!!)

a sleeping baby wearing all white in a Minneapolis photography studio

I can’t decide for you…

Because I’d want to look back on both!

Those first weeks are transformative. I mean, their first months and YEARS are transformative too, but especially their first few weeks. You change. They change. Your family changes. And all of that is a really big deal.

And because of how emotional that whole time-frame is for your family (and because of hormone changes that I won’t get into because I’m a photographer, not a doctor) those few weeks right at the beginning? They’re going to get fuzzy. And they get fuzzy QUICKLY.

They definitely did for me, with both of my boys. But being able to look back on those moments – ALL of them – from hospital to home… it’s truly priceless. And that’s why I offer both types of sessions, and why I believe they’re both equally important for families.

a sleeping baby wearing all white in a Minneapolis photography studio

“But what if I have to choose?”

I realize that I just spent the last five minutes explaining that it’s impossible to choose between these two session types because they’re both important… but I get that it might sound like a LOT of things to do right after the arrival of your little one. Two photo sessions within weeks of eachother? While integrating a new little family member and probably not quite getting your 8 hours a night?

That’s a lot.

So if you find yourself having to decide between the two, I want you to think about all the differences I outlined above, and the following questions:

  • Where am I planning on giving birth, and do they allow photographers to visit when the baby is here?
  • Are we planning on introducing the family to the new baby at home, or in the hospital/birth-center?
  • Do I want photos of my newborn baby right after they’ve joined the family?

I know they’re not the easiest questions to answer, but if you want, I can help talk you through them! Just reach out, and we can have a chat about your plans for your baby’s first few weeks here in the world with you. I’ll help you plan the perfect series of sessions to celebrate (and document) their arrival!

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