Minneapolis Boudoir Photography: Do I Have to get Naked??

by | May 12, 2023 | Boudoir, Sessions

Do you have to get naked for your boudoir photoshoot?

The TL;DR Version? No! You don’t!

Okay so that’s a bit of a spoiler, I’ll admit. But… it’s also the truth!! You do NOT need to get naked for your boudoir photo session with me. In fact, there’s a lot of misconceptions about boudoir photography that I want to dig into, because it’s really important to me that you’re completely comfortable before your session! Especially since these sessions are so intimate. Boudoir is badass, but it’s also very real. It can be super raw. And being able to be a part of that for you is an honor, but also a big responsibility on my part! (Normally I’m not super into responsibility, but… I’ll make an exception for you!)

So what are these misconceptions? What goes into a session?

women standing by window laughing wearing bra and underwear for boudoir photoshoot

Boudoir is an attitude.

It’s not actually all about what you’re wearing (or not wearing)!

The most important thing for you to know about boudoir photography is that it’s not actually everything you imagine in your head. In fact, when you think about boudoir photography… you might be picturing the wrong thing entirely. Or at least picturing the wrong intention. (Can you picture an intention? You know what I mean!)

Boudoir photography isn’t about what you’re wearing. It’s not nude photos. And it’s also not just pictures in lingerie. That’s not the point. I mean they ARE, when you look at them, usually nude, or photos in lingerie. Like that’s what you’re wearing for the session, most of the time. But, you can also take boudoir photos fully clothed!

Boudoir isn’t about the clothing you’re wearing, it’s about the attitude you’re using during the session. It’s about your facial expression. Your posing. It’s about empowerment, and celebration.

sheer white curtain cover buttocks and legs of woman with hair coming down to brown her waist

It’s “That Smile” – you know the one!

A photo can qualify as boudoir just because of the face you’re making, or the pose you’re standing in. It’s about embodying a powerful, sexy, sensual attitude. I think we all know what I’m talking about when I say “that smile”. It’s the face you see right before your favorite dramedy cuts to the “bed sheet” shot. Yeah, that one. See, you DO know what I’m talking about!

During your session, YOU call the shots!

I said boudoir photography is a celebration, and that’s true. It’s a celebration of your body, and of your confidence. Boudoir photography allows you to take a moment for self care, that celebrates everything you’ve accomplished! It’s a great way to powerfully show yourself love.

But a big part of empowering that part of you who believes you’re worth celebrating, is allowing YOU to make the choices during your boudoir photography session! If you want to have your session fully clothed because that’s how you feel badass and sexy? Perfect. If you want to have your whole session completely nude, same deal. You make the choices. You choose the wardrobe. You call the shots. Because this experience is about YOU, completely.

The Boudoir Photography Experience is 100% Based on Consent

When I say having a Boudoir photoshoot is about you, I mean it’s based 100% on consent. That means nothing will happen before, during, or after your session that you’re not completely comfortable with. At every point during your session, I’ll ask whether you’re comfy taking the next step. I’ll ask questions about your comfort level with poses. And it is so, so important that if your’re not completely comfortable with a step that theoretically comes next in a session, you say so.

At the end of the day, Boudoir Photography is about YOU

Your session isn’t about your photographer. When you’re working with me, it’s not about padding my portfolio. It’s not about achieving a specific style that I pride myself on. It’s about you. Your session is designed for you, to give you an experience that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, and gorgeous images where you shine. And if that means not stripping down for your boudoir session, that’s what it means.

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