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Scheduling Fresh 48 Photography

We’ve talked before about what Fresh 48 photography IS, but in case you need a little refresher: Fresh 48 photography is designed to take place in the first 48 hours of your kiddo’s life! That’s why it’s called “Fresh 48”. They’re new, and squirmy, and fresh, and it’s within the first two days of that time. Not only have we talked before about what it is, but we’ve also talked about what makes it different from newborn photography! (Which… to be clear, is a lot.)

But what we HAVEN’T talked about is when you should schedule your fresh 48 session! Before you take that step though, there are a few things that would be good to consider.

Newborn baby holding onto mom's finger during a fresh 48 session

Do you know where you’re giving birth?

Now obviously, with this and other things, pregnancy is unpredictable. I get that, I’ve been there myself! There’s no way to know 100% whether the things you’ve planned are going to end up reality, and that’s just part of the whole process. But, we CAN talk about your plan, and you should DEFINITELY be thinking about it when it comes to Fresh 48 photography!

Where you’re giving birth is going to impact how you can plan your Fresh 48 photo session, and it can even make a difference in who you’re able to work with. Some birthing centers, for example, have exclusive connections with specific photographers, who’ve been briefed on which areas of the center can be used for photos, and which can’t. The same goes for hospitals! Now, all of this being said, in many cases Fresh 48 photography can take place in your home the day after you’ve returned from the hospital. But like I said – not all pregnancies go to plan!! So ensuring that you’re prepared and certain that your photographer will be able to access the space you’re in post-birth is a great contingency to have in place in case you’re not home within 48 hours.

newborn baby in blue and and white and blue stripped onesie at Minneapolis birth center

Are you planning on having birth photography?

The location you’re having your baby isn’t the only thing to think about before you book your Fresh 48 photos! You should also consider whether you’re planning on having birth photography done. Birth photography is a very niche type of session, and the prod who offer it are trained to create a suite of beautiful memories for you. But if you’re planning on having birth photography, you might not need to schedule a Fresh 48 session! You’ll have images of your little one as they’re coming into the world, and of your very first moments with them.

But birth photography isn’t necessarily right for every family – giving birth is beautiful, but vulnerable. And it’s okay if you’re not comfortable having a photographer there in the room with you! There’s no shame in setting boundaries there, and preferring a Fresh 48 session over birth photography.

Family of five gathered around their newest member, smiling down at him while he is red-faced and crying

Do you plan on also having a newborn session?

Now, a newborn session is another question entirely. If you’re not having birth photography done, but you ARE having newborn photography… scheduling your Fresh 48 session should still be on the cards! This is because of when each session is set to take place. Obviously Fresh 48 is those first few days, like I said, but newborn photography is NOT. It’s generally scheduled in the 2-4 week time frame, when your little one has been around for a tiny bit.

This means that by the time your newborn photography session comes around, your new fresh little kiddo? They’re going to look totally different. There’s nothing wrong with waiting until your Newborn session to capture professional photos, but it’s harder than you might think to remember those earlier weeks. Late nights, feeding schedules, all of the newness that comes with being parents (whether you’ve done it before or not!) eventually fades into the background, because let’s face it, it’s not always the most fun bit to remember. But your little one’s face? You want to remember that FOREVER.

The other thing to consider though, is if you’re having a newborn session done, you might be able to book Fresh 48 photography with the same photographer! For example… me! I offer both newborn photography sessions AND Fresh 48 photo sessions, since they serve such different purposes for families.

a sleeping baby wearing all white in a Minneapolis photography studio

Basically? Schedule Fresh 48 Photography as soon as you know you want it!

Once you’ve thought about the logistics around where you’re planning on giving birth, and the other photo sessions you plan on having after your baby is born… it’s time to book! Even if it’s really early in your pregnancy, and you’re booking a session for 9 months in the future. There’s no such thing as too early to book your Fresh 48 session!

When you book, you’ll need to share your due date with your photographer. That’s how we mark out your session time in our calendars. Now that being said, it’s not like we stick your due date in there and we assume that it’s going to be the 100% solid date that your little one is born! Remember, it’ll be super important to reach out to your photographer and let them know when your baby is born. That goes for newborn sessions too!

Got Questions?

If you’ve got any questions about booking Fresh 48 sessions, let me know! I’d love to answer any questions you have, and make sure that you feel completely comfortable before your session.

a sleeping baby wearing all white in a Minneapolis photography studio
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