Why Photo Gifts are the Best Way to Show You Care

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It’s gifting season – and you know what that means! Trying endlessly to figure out what to get for the people in your life who are difficult to pick things for. The ones who seem to have everything under the sun, and when you think of something that might work, you realize that (oops) you got that for them last year.

Especially your parents. They’re just… difficult.

And to top it all off, we all know what it feels like to get a gift that was clearly random. The things you unwrap and you’re grateful that they thought of you, of COURSE, but it’s like “Why did they think I wanted this??” Or even worse: “They must not know me at all.”

But even for the people in your life who are difficult to buy for, photo gifts are the BEST gifts, and we’re gonna talk about why!!

Photo Gifts take Real Thought

This might sound like a downside, because it’s effort. But I never said this would be easy!! The thing is, choosing a photo gift does take thought. It takes having a session done, or choosing a photographer to book a session with as the gift itself, or deciding on a supplier via your photographer or somewhere like Etsy to order prints from.

It takes thought. But that’s a GOOD thing! That’s one of the many, many reasons that giving a photo gift during the holiday season helps to show that you care. You take the time to select a meaningful image, and present it in a meaningful way! And if you need some inspiration… I’ve got a few starting places for you!

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Photo gifts are tied to memories

Whether you’re gifting a session (via a gift card) or you’re gifting a photo itself, whatever you give will be tied to a memory. During a session, you’re MAKING the memories together! (And trust me, sessions with Jessica Strobel Photography are FUN). And if you’ve already HAD the session… you get to print something that brings your grandma, dad, mom, aunt, or bestie back to those moments of fun.

And not to get morbid or weird, but families are always flexing and changing shape. So you never know when those memories could become even more powerful, regardless of who was involved in the photo session.

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Photo gifts stick around

I want you to think about the last time someone who didn’t know you super well gave you a present for a holiday – your birthday, even. And it was a swing and a MISS. A paperweight you didn’t need. A small kitchen appliance you never asked for and definitely didn’t want. Maybe a throw pillow that doesn’t match your livingroom.

You probably felt pressured to keep it for a hot minute, and then at the FIRST opportunity, regifted, or took it to salvation army. And like… that makes sense. Because keeping clutter that you don’t want around the house is just not fun.

But when you give a meaningful photo to your loved one? That shows your connection, frozen in time?

That’s not a gift that goes to their sister-in-law because the pillow ACTUALLY matches her couch. That’s a gift that will be hung on the wall, and enjoyed. Or put on the shelf in the hallway, and seen every day. It’ll stick around, because it shows you care.

If you’re hoping to gift some photos this year…

First of all, reach out!! I would love to schedule an extended family session for your clan, that way you can give the gift of memories this holiday season.

But if you’ve already had a session, take a look at the shop attached to your gallery!! You can order prints and products right there in the portal, making it even easier to select meaningful gifts for your humans, that will stand the test of time.

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